Travel Writing & Photojournalism
As a world traveler, Andromeda has amassed a number of travel writings to go with her photographs, and she is always adding to it. Her work ranges from product and location reviews to stories and impressionistic pieces of her various journeys. Some of her work can seen on or check out here writer's portfolio.

Click here to request custom-tailored travel photos and articles for your website or magazine. Make sure to note which photos, articles, and styles have piqued your interest.

(Some photos also available for sale as stock photography.)
Art Print Photography
Your prints should make as much of an impact as the original. If you're looking to have prints made of your artwork, but don't have the equipment to do it yourself, the situation is not hopeless. Andromeda's meticulous eye for detail has helped her create prints with well-balanced color, correctly-lined perspective, and the appropriate contrast for the artwork in question.

For art print photography, please use the contact page to get a quote.
Photo Editing
Sometimes photos don't come out exactly how we want them. Sometimes you just don't have time to edit all the photos from your last vacation. just don't want to. That's okay. But those photos don't have to sit in your cloud or on dusty memory stick at the bottom of your desk drawer. If you want someone who can organize, consolidate, and polish your pics into something a little more manageable (and memorable), this Tricky Fish can help.

Perhaps you need a little extra style for your website, business, or just special occasions. Perhaps those Instagram filters just aren't going to get it done this time. Again, Tricky Fish is here for you. 

So, if you need help turning ordinary photos into something extraordinary, go to the Tricky Fish contact page, explain your conundrum, and take some of the stress of photo selection and editing out of your life.
Other Projects & Services
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